Payin' for It Now Lyrics - The Robert Cray Band

The Robert Cray Band False Accusations cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1985
Genre: Blues
Style: Modern Electric Blues
length: 4:39

Met her in a night club Alvey's hideaway I could tell by looking at her That she had come to play Bought her three gin and tonics And we told each other lies Then I headed to the motel With my little prize And I'm payin' for it now Payin' for it now She's gone and so's my wallet And I'm payin' for it now Girl took off, and took all my duckets Then I ran into Maggie Old friend of mine She said, "Let's do some reminiscing" "Go and get some wine." She could drink just like a sailor Got as drunk as I could be By the time the night was over, yeah The joke it was on me And I'm payin' for it now Payin' for it now She took me off the market And I'm paying for it now (Short guitar solo) She was soft and friendly And willing as can be Had a pretty little tattoo Right above her knee I got it down to business Then I fell asleep She said I made her promises, promises That she's expecting me to keep And I'm payin' for it now Payin' for it now That girl was talkin' marriage And I'm payin' for it now (Saxo
phone solo) Well I should have got suspicious When she started acting nice Should have read the signals Should have thought about it twice For eleven days running She was cozy in the night And when she laid it on me You know, I didn't even fight And I'm payin' for it now Oh Lord, I'm payin' for it now Here comes her mother with her suitcase And I'm payin' for it now No, not my mother-in-law Jeez, her daughter No, no, no

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