Playin' in the Dirt Lyrics - The Robert Cray Band

The Robert Cray Band False Accusations cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1985
Genre: Blues
Style: Modern Electric Blues
length: 3:43

Now, you know that I'm married
And baby, so are you
But right now we're not thinking
Past this little rendezvous

We both know what's gonna happen
Four people gonna get hurt
Cause it's bound to rub off on us
When we're playing in the dirt

You'll probably lose your husband
I know I'll lose my wife
You'd think that we'd know better
At this point in our lives

So we might as well enjoy it
Take it for what it's worth
Cause we're gonna get some on us
When we're playing in the dirt

(Guitar solo)

It's the same old common story
It's happening all around
Ain't no doubt about it
One more ship is going down

There ain't no escaping
All the troubles on this Earth
We're gonna come up muddy, muddy, muddy
When we're playing in the dirt

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