I’m Moving On Lyrics - The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones December’s Children (and Everybody’s) cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1965-12-4
length: 2:18
producer: Andrew Loog Oldham
arranger: The Rolling Stones
composer: Hank Snow
lyricist: Hank Snow
I warned you baby from time to time
You don't listen so pay me no mind
About movin' on
Yeah I'm a moving on
I'm through with you
Too bad you're blue
I'll move on

Mister Engineer with your throttle in hand
Take me back to that Southern land
It called moving
Keep a rolling on
You're flying too high
For my old sky
I'll move on

Mister Fireman please woncha listen to me
I got a woman in Tennessee
Keep on moving
Keep a rolling on
You're flying too high
It's all over now
I move on

Yes I'm gonna move
I'm gonna move
Said I'm gonna move
Gotta go home
I gotta go home
I gotta go home
Well tell ya
I I I I going home
I I I I going home
I I I I going home
I've gotta go home
I've gotta go baby
I gotta keep rolling
And I'm gonna move
I said I'm gonna move baby
I said goin' goin' home
I'm going home darling

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