Who Sang Disappear? The Scaries

Release information
Release Date: 2000
length: 1:57
I want you to feel me you say it's just too far away but
I think about it everyday we'll be together every time
I awake you seem to disappear it makes me want to sleep at least then
I think you're here I don't want to drown in my tears

I don't want to hide behind my fears
I'm tired of hanging around this place it feels like
I'll always be here without you next to me I can't live that way
I'm tired of being cold I'm tired feeling old I wish that I would disappear

CD 1
  • 1 800 Miles
  • 2 Loss
  • 3 Hate the Summer
  • 4 Worse
  • 5 Pushing Me Away
  • 6 Giving Up
  • 7 Letter to Julie
  • 8 Disappear
  • 9 Pictures of You
  • 10 Untitled
  • 11 [silence]
  • 69 Power Ballad