Who Sang Every Day? The School

The School Wasting Away and Wondering cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-4
length: 2:42

You always leave me here just wondering
How I'd ever be without you
And I'm so lucky just to know you
But I'll never let it show

And I don't care if you sometimes feel down
Just as long as you say you'll be round
Every day that it wasted with you
Is a day never wasted at all

So you wanna move to Amsterdam
You never liked it there before
You found someone to make you look good
Well I'm happy for you now

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Every Day
  • 2 Love Is Anywhere You Find It
  • 3 All I Want From You Is Everything
  • 4 Til You Belong To Me
  • 5 Don't Worry Baby (I Don't Love You Any More)
  • 6 My Heart's Beating Overtime
  • 7 Wasting Away and Wondering
  • 8 Do I Love You?
  • 9 He's Gonna Break Your Heart One Day
  • 10 Put Your Hand In Mine
  • 11 I Will See You Soon
  • 12 My Arms, They Feel Like Nothing