Who Sang It's No Secret? The Silencers

Release information
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Rock
Style: Soft Rock
length: 4:07
Well maybe I'n being foolish
But I can not pretend
It's no secret
What is happening to me

I wonder if you realise
and what you intend it's no secret
and it's not meant to be

And all the boys that I once knew
Have disappeared from view
All the things that used to please
Are nothing now it's true
I offer you this Kingdom
To share for awhile

It's no secret
I offer you my life
It's no secret
I offer you my life

It's funny when I look inside
To find that other girl
She is watching and whispering to me

I tell her all about you
and she cannot believe the difference in the way things used to be

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Siddharta
  • 3 Don't Make Plans
  • 4 Come
  • 5 Head
  • 6 She Found Me
  • 7 I Belong
  • 8 Let It Happen
  • 9 Time
  • 10 Alchemy
  • 11 You Kill Me
  • 12 A Blues for Francie Brady
  • 13 It's No Secret
  • 14 Siddharta (radio edit)