Who Sang Burning Eyes? The Silver Shine

Release information
Release Date: 2006-4-7
length: 2:43

The Silver Shine - Burning Eyes lyrics

I remember the first time
When we've glimpsed of each other
Your eyes, the flames, I'll remember'em forever
You looked like an angel among the cats of hell
I felt you were the one that I wanted, oh well

I remember the first date when we've met each other
Your words, your smell, I'll remember'em forever
We walked through the night on the roofs of Budapest
And something has moved in my chest

Your burning eyes - Are shining bright through the night

I remember the first night that we've spent together
Your voice, the dark, I'll remember'em forever
An hour like a moment, I felt I was in heaven
With you my babe, with you my kitten

Time is running but your eyes are still shining
When you look into the night the moon is rising
I'm ready to throw my 9th live for you, my babe
My fears have passed away

Your burning eyes - Are shining bright through the night

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Sunset
  • 3 Nightmare
  • 4 Death Race
  • 5 Zombies From Outer Space
  • 6 Big Sandy
  • 7 Last Dawn
  • 8 Skulls
  • 9 Burning Eyes
  • 10 Screeeaam!!!
  • 11 Crazy Babe
  • 12 Return of Carry Nation
  • 13 Other World (live)
  • 14 Outro