Who Sang I Still Love You? The Slackers

The Slackers Redlight cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-1-1
length: 3:18
membranophone: Luis Zuluaga
lead vocals: Vic Ruggiero
trumpet: Jeremy Mushlin
guitar family: T.J. Scanlon
electric bass guitar: Marcus Geard
saxophone: Dave Hillyard
guest percussion: Larry McDonald
electronic organ: Vic Ruggiero
writer: Vic Ruggiero, Dave Hillyard
Do you believe I still love you?
After all you've said and done
There's a whole wide world out there
Full of people who just don't care
Well, do you believe that I still love you?

Do you believe that you're blessed by god?
That your life is carried on angel's wings?
Make a master of a slave,
A white man dancing on a grave
Well, do you believe that I still love you?

Well now do you believe that ill protect you?
When the time comes, I won't go
I'm not gonna fight, no I won't bleed
To protect the glory of your greed
Well, do you believe, that I still love you

CD 1
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  • 4 I Still Love You
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