Who Sang Shining Sun? The Southland

The Southland Influence of Geography cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-6-28
length: 3:44
Does everybody see this, we got another hopeless soul
You got your woman, cheating, kick the w**** out the door
Puking in the backseat, swallowing the pain
Cough a lung up in the mornin, flush your money down the drain
But the sun is always shining so how can you complain
Hate to see you greiving so I'm leaving I'll be seein' you again

They are the homeless stinking, just about everywhere you go
And all the addicts weepin, I cant afford my crystal meth
ethnic kid shot dead by a cop by mistake
Oh my cousin in Pumona whos totally insane, gonna end up as a donor, her cadaver on a plate


Oh I'll be seeing you,
I'll be seeing you again

CD 1
  • 1 Shadow
  • 2 305
  • 3 Miles
  • 4 Aftermath
  • 5 I Only Have Eyes for You
  • 6 Each His Own
  • 7 Shining Sun
  • 8 Creatures
  • 9 Debris
  • 10 Radio
  • 11 Good Grief
  • 12 Anything at All
  • 13 The Drowning