Who Sang I Can't Do Anything? The Stitches

The Stitches 8x12 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
length: 2:02
Here I am
the walking contradiction
I guess I like the feeling of friction
I never pull through with the things I should
just sitting around eat another Quaalude
I don't mind being the world's ashtray
Cause I only feel lucky when I'm losing the race
I can't do anything right
why can't I do anything right

CD 1
  • 1 Nowhere
  • 2 I Can't Do Anything
  • 3 Throw it Away
  • 4 Better Off Dead
  • 5 My Baby Hates Me
  • 6 True Stories
  • 7 Amphetamine Girl
  • 8 That Womans Got Me Drinking