Who Sang Angel? The Style Council

The Style Council  cover art
Release information
length: 4:33
producer: Paul Weller
mixer: The Valentine Brothers
engineer: Alan Leeming and Jezar
background vocals: Dee C. Lee and Paul Weller
bass synthesizer: Mick Talbot
drum machine: Paul Weller
drums (drum set): Steve White
fortepiano: Mick Talbot
guitar: Paul Weller
Hammond organ: Mick Talbot
lead vocals: Dee C. Lee and Paul Weller
percussion: Steve White
Rhodes piano: Mick Talbot
synthesizer: Paul Weller and Mick Talbot
Wurlitzer electric piano: Mick Talbot
bass guitar: Camelle Hinds
electric bass guitar: Camelle Hinds
If I could I'd give you the world
Wrap it all around you
I won't be satisfied with just a piece of your heart
Angel, you're my Angel

Dreams are Dreams and some dreams come true
I found a real dream, baby when I found you
You're so strong, but tender too

Angel, you're my Angel
Love like ours is heaven sent - each day a day to remember
I feel so safe - feel safe when I'm with you, with you

Angel, you're my Angel
You give me more, you keep right on giving
Fill me up - baby we could go on living
When things get tough, I can always turn to you

Angel, you're my Angel
I love the way we touch, I love the way it feels
Every time your near me my poor heart just won't keep still
No doubt about it that this love I feel is real
Ask me to go with you - you know that I will

Hold me near - hold me tight
Only you can make it real - only you make it alright
Just let me know that I am special to you

Angel, you're my Angel