Who Sang Straight to Hell? The Templars

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length: 2:46
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You used to be such a close friend
We had such good time back then
Now we've lost touch over the years
but I still remember those days and all the beer
2x I still remember - all the good times
We've gone our own ways and drifted apart
If I saw you today I wouldn't know where to start
It's funny how things turn out it the end
but I still remember you, my friend

  • 1 You Decide
  • 2 Boredom
  • 3 Guardian Angel
  • 4 Sampling
  • 5 The Templars
  • 6 The Waiting Is Over
  • 7 They Don't Care
  • 8 Coward
  • 9 Straight to Hell
  • 10 These Four Walls
  • 11 Victim
  • 12 My Saving Grace

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    script: Latin