Who Sang Boredom? The Tiger Lillies

The Tiger Lillies Either Or cover art
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length: 2:57
From boredom the garment of evil is worn
From boredom each evil thought is born
I would be happy but need a thrill
Give me a w**** give me a pill
Give me a war which to fight
Give me bank to rob tonight
From boredom evil thoughts are formed
From boredom comes the devils spawn
Give me a witch that I can burn
Give me a God that I can spurn
Give me a country to whom I'll kneel
Give me an enemy the pig will squeal
From boredom evil it does come
I'll rape I'll rob I'll f*** your son
Give me someone to abuse
Give me a substance I can use
Give me a chance to poison youth
It's because I'm bored and that's the truth
So boredom is the source of all evil within
Our need for new sensations leading us to sin
Give me a w**** in the street
she'll be a doormat at my feet
Give me a side give me a team
at the opposition abuse I'll scream

CD 1
  • 1 Blood Alley
  • 2 Boredom
  • 3 Nothing Is Sin
  • 4 Innocence
  • 5 Sailor
  • 6 Either Or
  • 7 Gutter
  • 8 No Sense
  • 9 He's So Bad
  • 10 God Up in Heaven
  • 11 Depression
  • 12 Love for Sale
  • 13 Tears in the Rain
  • 14 Forget About Us
  • 15 Teardops
  • 16 Destroy

  • Release information
    format: CD
    script: Latin