Who Sang Forget About Us? The Tiger Lillies

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length: 4:51
When the time comes no regret
I'll embrace my friend my love and my death
I'd like to burn the whole thing down
The human race I'd like to drown
So don't make a fuss forget about us
I'd like to gorge out h*****s eyes
So mediocre and full of lies
Or cut up John the baptists head
for the good who are now dead
Beat up Nietzsche's Superman
slaughter now the holy lamb
Through clenched teeth hear me hiss
slash your wrist
So don't make a fuss forget about us
Well mediocre and full of s***
Jesus on you let me spit
Well the revolutions starting now
Mother Mary your'e a cow
So when you see me smile and laugh
believe me it's just a mask
Because I see through all the s***
let me your throat slit
So now I'm queen upon my throne
You cannot win victory shown
Morality cannot me stain
I triumph every drop of rain
Your evil can't tarnish me
With your cheap morality
I'll rise above it I'll be queen
Your nightmare is my peaceful dream
I'll rise above it soar up high
Into the blue and azure sky
Don't make a fuss forget about us

CD 1
  • 1 Blood Alley
  • 2 Boredom
  • 3 Nothing Is Sin
  • 4 Innocence
  • 5 Sailor
  • 6 Either Or
  • 7 Gutter
  • 8 No Sense
  • 9 He's So Bad
  • 10 God Up in Heaven
  • 11 Depression
  • 12 Love for Sale
  • 13 Tears in the Rain
  • 14 Forget About Us
  • 15 Teardops
  • 16 Destroy

  • Release information
    format: CD
    script: Latin