Who Sang Fucked? The Tiger Lillies

Release information
Release Date: 2009
length: 5:54
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Why am I sadistic why do I corrupt?
Why does everything I touch always turn out fucked?
Why do I glory at the lowest score?
Why do I take pleasure to prostitute the poor?
Why do I enjoy making money out of lust?
Occasionally I get a flash I am really fucked

Why do I enjoy it when I humiliate?
Why when I sink really low why do I feel great?
Why do I enjoy watching torture and gang rape?
I enjoy a hanging or a burning at the stake
Why do I enjoy to watch a rapist thrust?
Occasionally I get a flash I am really fucked

So I take some more crack then the crack wears of and the hate comes back and that's what it's like hate crack hate crack hate crack hate crack
Only way it's gonna end is if I fix that bitch stepmother… but I ain't gonna kill those sisters 'cos they're such motherfucking ugly stupid whores it would be like putting them out of their misery to kill them…
I'll just let them suffer by leaving them alive… but you stepmother oh boy… you're fucked

Why do I enjoy watch them cutting off a head?
Why do I enjoy the groan before they are dead?
Why do I enjoy selling young flesh on the street?
Stick a red hot poker in a virgin nice and deep
So why am I sadistic why do I corrupt?
I guess I really really really really must be fucked

CD 1
  • 1 Scrubber
  • 2 Sinderella
  • 3 The Bird
  • 4 Blow-Jobs
  • 5 I Am Sinderella
  • 6 By the Moon
  • 7 I Cried
  • 8 Evil
  • 9 Beats the Crap
  • 10 Motherfucker
  • 11 Brick in the Wall
  • 12 Ugly
  • 13 Bad
    CD 2
  • 1 Raindrops
  • 2 Fucked
  • 3 Lonely Girl
  • 4 Evil Twat
  • 5 Whore House
  • 6 Stepmother
  • 7 Oh Yea
  • 8 Tick Tock
  • 9 Life's a Cunt
  • 10 Grim Reaper
  • 11 Croak
  • 12 Pull the Trigger

  • Release information
    label: Misery Guts Music
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    script: Latin