Who Sang He's So Bad? The Tiger Lillies

The Tiger Lillies Either Or cover art
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length: 5:13

Give me the money do what you like
But watch my pimp he's got a switch-blade knife
You know my pimp he beats me good
He beats me with a pole of wood

He's so bad it makes me glad

You know my pimp he's so mean
His whispers in my ear are so obscene
He's so dirty when he fucks
I know then that I'm in luck

He's so bad

He likes to sell me thinks it's fun
He slaps me hard when his jobs done
He takes my money with a lear
As he pokes me with his spear

I guess that I'm some kind of fool
But I just love to be his tool
The way that he abuses me
The bastards mean dirty and lazy

You know he loves me loves me good
When he gives me gives me wood
I'm so open wide I don't care If I die
He fills me with the best drugs

I want him, so much me to love
It's his love I do crave for him I'll be depraved

CD 1
  • 1 Blood Alley
  • 2 Boredom
  • 3 Nothing Is Sin
  • 4 Innocence
  • 5 Sailor
  • 6 Either Or
  • 7 Gutter
  • 8 No Sense
  • 9 He's So Bad
  • 10 God Up in Heaven
  • 11 Depression
  • 12 Love for Sale
  • 13 Tears in the Rain
  • 14 Forget About Us
  • 15 Teardops
  • 16 Destroy

  • Release information
    format: CD
    script: Latin