Who Sang Lonely Girl? The Tiger Lillies

The Tiger Lillies Sinderella cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009
length: 2:07

I'm a lonely girl nobody loves me
My half sisters hate my guts bitches so ugly
I'm a lonely girl with whom they shouldn't fuck
They'll end up as a Chinese meal, as sweet and sour duck

I'm a lonely girl they way they ponce about
Sisters meet my meat cleaver let me knock you about
I'm a lonely girl give them a fatal disease
Put the sad fuckers out of their misery

I'm a lonely girl my stepmother's a bitch
I should take a baseball bat out of 'em beat the shit
I'm a lonely girl my sisters ugly twats
I'm gonna beat them senseless out of them beat the crap

I'm a lonely girl they'll beg for mercy
All my ugly sisters are fuckers one two three
I'm a lonely girl abuse each orifice
I'll go and find prince charma my arse he can lick

I'm a lonely girl my stepmother I'll whack
People who annoy me out of them beat the crap
I'm a lonely girl you'd better give me crack
Otherwise your ugly face with a knife I will slash

I'm a lonely girl and it's time to act
I'm going on a murder spree as a psychopath
I'm a lonely girl nobody loves me
Nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody loves me

CD 1
  • 1 Scrubber
  • 2 Sinderella
  • 3 The Bird
  • 4 Blow-Jobs
  • 5 I Am Sinderella
  • 6 By the Moon
  • 7 I Cried
  • 8 Evil
  • 9 Beats the Crap
  • 10 Motherfucker
  • 11 Brick in the Wall
  • 12 Ugly
  • 13 Bad
    CD 2
  • 1 Raindrops
  • 2 Fucked
  • 3 Lonely Girl
  • 4 Evil Twat
  • 5 Whore House
  • 6 Stepmother
  • 7 Oh Yea
  • 8 Tick Tock
  • 9 Life's a Cunt
  • 10 Grim Reaper
  • 11 Croak
  • 12 Pull the Trigger