My Summertime Thang Lyrics - The Time

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Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Electronic Funk / Soul
Style: Synth-pop/Funk
length: 6:53

I'm gonna make you love me.
Ladies and gentlemen! Dude and dudettes!
It's time about, that all out funk... funk... funky action!

Ooh. Aaah.
Ooh. Aaah.
My summertime thang, make me feel alright.
I feel good every night baby, treat me like a lover would.
And it feel so good.

My summertime thang, dancin' on the floor.
Don't stop, let's do some more. We could have a total ball.
I'm happy once and for all, my summertime thang.

Oooh, ahhho.
I think about you when I'm sleeping.
I think about you when I'm at the mall.
I think about the summer I first met you.
Most of all, I think about the time you met me.

My summertime thang, never lets met down.
Keeps working all year round, this thang is my one desire.
It takes me higher. I said it takes me higher..., higher..., higher.

.... Ohhhh. (My summertime thang)
.... Ohhhh.
Ohhhh, summertime.
Said make me feel..., make me feel..., make me feel alright.

.... (Yo, what's up M.D.?)
Meet me at the mall, There's a cutie workin' there you will not believe.
.... (10 minutes?)
Naw, two.
.... (Alright, cool.)
.... (Alright, cool, I'll meet you there.)

My summertime thang, make me feel alright.
I feel good every night. Higher..., higher..., higher.

Mmmmm! She's bad ain't she? She's so bad she's good!
.... (Want me to rap?)
Yes! I'll be over here posing by the Porsche, solid.

.... (Good afternoon, darlin'. You must be helping out a friend.)
.... (Because you are much too pretty to be working in here. What's up with that?)
.... What's up with your buddy over there holding his stuff? Does he have to use the bathroom?
.... (No baby, he's posing by the Porsche.)
.... Cars don't impress me.
.... (That's Morris Day and he would like to eat you. I..., I mean meet you.)
.... Alright, go get him.
.... (Hey Morris, she wants to meet you, man!)

Oh Lawd!

Hello my dear, my name is Morris. Where'd you get that ass?
.... (Hahahaha!)
.... Same place you got your manners.
Jerome, where'd I get my manners?
.... (Same place she got that ass.)
And where was that?
.... (Mama.)
That's right baby, yo mama! Now let's be nice, it's such a pretty day.

.... Where are we going?
I'm taking you to my club.
.... Your club?
Yeah, I rounded up some people and bought a club. Legal-like, you know?
And that's where we're going.
.... I'll believe it when I see it.

.... ((Morris, how long has it been? 6 hours?))
.... (Chill nigga!)
.... ((What a lovely lady. My God, the one last night...))
.... ((She's so fat, she have to use a VCR for a beeper, no?))
Hehe, you're fired.
.... ((I'm fired?))
That's right.
.... ((I'm fired? I quit. They shouldn't have let you people in the country in the first place!))
Let us in the country?! Now what history book did you read, boy?
Jerome, hook this punk up to my Porsche!
.... (The roller skates?)
The roller skates!
.... ((No, not the roller skates.))
.... I think I wanna go home!
Home? The party's just startin', Stella.
.... But come sit down.
Do you wanna see me dance?
.... Dance?
Jerome, body language. Now do the horse.
.... (Yeah. Oak tree!)
Look out. I like that.
.... (Oak tree!)
Get ready, Chili Sauce.

.... (Yeah!)
Hit me and don'tcha lag. Tell me what dance to do - it start with an M.
.... (Murph drag!)
Good God!

I ain't through yet, band!
Wawk! Hallelujah! Whoa!

.... Wow, that was fun. Will you take me out again?
Oh yeah, Stella, we can do this. You're the type of woman that could settle me down.
.... (Yo.)
Take her home, I have some unfinished business with one of my critics. Are we ready?
.... (I do believe we are ready.)
Maybe, but not much.
Alright, now, what was that you were saying about my people?
.... ((Please Mr. Day, I never roller skated before in my life!))
Well, why put off 'till tomorrow what you can do tonight? Hahahahahaha!

My summertime thang! My summertime thang!
.... (Leave me alone.)
My summertime thang

Yeah! I'm back!

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