Who Sang (Baby) Hully Gully? The Ventures

The Ventures Mashed Potatoes and Gravy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1962-6
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Surf/Rock & Roll
length: 2:21
composer: Cliff Goldsmith, Fred Smith
A-there's a dance spreadin' round
Like an awful disease
(Hully, Hully Gully)
Oh well, you shake yo' shoulders
And you wiggle yo' knees
(Hully, Hully Gully)

This dance goin' around
From coast to coast
(Hully, Hully Gully)
A-when me an my baby do it
Child, we do it the mo-oh-ost
(Hully, Hully Gully)

A-mama, Hully Gully
Papa, Hully Gully
Baby, Hully Gully, too

'Come on let's take a lesson, now'
(Hully, Hully Gully)

'Alright, shake yo' shoulders, now'
(Hully, Hully Gully)

'Alright, wiggle yo' knees, now'
(Do the Hully Gully)

A-wail, now
(Really, Hully Gully)

Mama, Hully Gully
Sure can, Hully Gully
You can Hully Gully, too

I went to a party, now
And what did they do?
(Hully, Hully Gully)
Now, everybody's doin' it
Now, why ain't you-ooo-hoo?
(Hully, Hully Gully)

Everybody look like he's got the sha-a-ake
(Now they Hully Gully)
Just listen here, brother
That is all it takes
(Now they, Hully Gully)

A-mama, Hully Gully
Papa, Hully Gully
And baby Hully Gully, too

Mama, Hully Gully
Baby, Hully Gully
And you can Hully Gully, too


'Hold it, hold it, hold, hold it'

'I'll make time you wanna call it?
He asked for one more time, so that's it!'
'Maurice, can't help it'

'One mo'-ooh, again

(One last, slowly movin')
'All of us work a little while, now'

(Really moving slowly)
'That's the way I like it'

(One last, Hully Gully)
'I mean, ho's even with it'
(We'll be always movin')

Why you bringin' ho's for?

Do a little cha-cha
Then you do the Foot Stomp
Everybody's here, gonna get aboard

(Really movin' slowly)
Get the police coming out
(Really moving slowly)

'I mean the Soul Train'
(We'll be on the Soul Train)
'Oh, shake that thing, honey'
(We'll be really groovin')

We're gonna do the Hully Gully
Never gonna stop
Tell me anybody here
Who learned to do The Slop?

(Will be slowly groovin')
Bring uncle along
(Groovin', always movin')
Auntie, too!
(We'll be always movin')
Don't forget about the cousins
Nieces, nephews
(We'll be slowly groovin')

Auntie, Hully Gully
Auntie, Hully Gully
Brother, sisters, nephews, nieces
Gramma, too!
(With the Hully Gully)

'Oh, shake that thing'
(With the Hully Gully)

'That's the way I like it'
(We'll be).

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