Who Sang No Time for That? The Waiting

The Waiting The Waiting cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-3-11
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Alternative Rock/Pop Rock
length: 2:53
producer: Steve Hindalong and Todd Olsen
mixer: Bill Deaton
recording engineer: Skye McCaskey
cello: Matt Slocum
composer: Clark Leake
It's a crying shame
Outside in the street
Inside the pouring rain
Still these thoughts remain
I thought we were way beyond this
Our back door wars
And front door bliss
It tears me up
It tears you down
It tears us apart

There's no time for that (no time)
No time for that (no time)
No time for that (no time)
There's no time for that (no time)

Put myself to bed
To sleep it all away
But the morning said
"I'm even angrier today"
Now I'm just so tangled in pride
From keeping everything inside
I can't see your face
Your beautiful face
My eyes are too red

I'm not a little boy anymore
(Why should I act like one?)
Treating You like a toy
(This game is losing its fun)
You and I know
There's no time for that

CD 1
  • 1 Never Dim
  • 2 How Do You Do That?
  • 3 Put the Blame on Me
  • 4 It Is Enough
  • 5 My Pride
  • 6 Hands in the Air
  • 7 Number 9
  • 8 Better Off as Friends
  • 9 Heaven Is Home
  • 10 No Time for That
  • 11 Indian Summer
  • 12 Beautiful Blood