Who Sang Smile? The Wannadies

The Wannadies The Wannadies cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
length: 3:09
producer: Ingemar Karlsson
writer: Stefan Schönfeldt, Pär Wiksten, Gunnar Karlsson, Fredrik Schönfeldt, Christina Bergmark, Björn Segnestam‐Malmqvist

I've seen your eyes
I've seen your blue eyes shine at night
An you're mine the rest of my life
Your skin is blue...
Just like the ocean where I drowned you
I don't mind as long as you're mine
Oh dear, my girl, laying next to me
So cool and sweet
And then you smiled
Big blue eyed smile
And then you smiled
For the first time in your life
Your (??) I know
I wasn't the first one to touch you
I don't mind as long as you're mine

CD 1
  • 1 Together
  • 2 Heaven
  • 3 My Home Town
  • 4 Things That You Love
  • 5 How Beautiful Is the Moon
  • 6 Innocent Me
  • 7 So Many Lies
  • 8 Smile
  • 9 Anything
  • 10 Black Waters
  • 11 The Beast Cures the Lover