The Working Title - Never Forever Lyrics

release date:
length: 5:35
So staring through my screen woven window only then can I realize that burning gases so high can bear your name and look down to let me see a glimpse of what I'm missing in Rhode Island. And broken chairs and attitudes could not keep me from seeing you. Walking in my sleep, throwing rocks and wishing my hands were shaking for someone who's missing me. Looking back on your good intentions; a quest for a reason to wait for a signal. I've been wading through all the sad remarks but now I'm learning for myself that I have to see you even one last time because everything is never forever.

Track Listing
  • 1 Instrumental Intro
  • 2 The Mary Getaway
  • 3 The 2nd Floor
  • 4 Thoughts on Loves Mishap
  • 5 The Significance of not Turning Around
  • 6 Farewell Winter Nights
  • 7 Never Forever
  • 8 Female Punching Bag
  • 9 Cabaret