The Working Title - This is not Glorious Lyrics

release date: 2014-7-24
length: 5:03
[Chorus A]

How much longer can we take this
How much farther can we drag ourselves
Maybe something's in the water
Tell us if we've gone too far
[Chorus B]

This is the sound we make
This is the forward pace
This is not saving grace
We are the rest of us
We are the ambulance
This is not glorious

[Verse 1]
Break from all of what you must be coming from
Sit down and listen up
We survive while we fall apart through the country lines
Owning up to what we are
In the bus or the car
Take her in but you can't ignore
The undertow is at your neck
It will eat you if you aren't strong enough
I'll take over

[Chorus A]
[Chorus B]

[Verse 2]

Sleep is harder than
Angels to come across
And you've been breaking
Promises with the risk of losing
It all for what
Oh you know it's not enough
The poison leaks through the tar
And everyone is falling apart while lovers wait in far away lands
Is there nothing quite as strong as glue?
Someone tell me

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