The Working Title - Turbulence Lyrics

release date: 2006-7-18
genres: Rock
length: 9:18
[Verse 1]

I am on my way to something small
The turning of a year and I am raw
Stripped away surrounded by the trees
On mountains urging me to fall asleep or


Fall in love and crumble while you can
Freeze the world in time to understand
A way to trust in turbulence

[Verse 2]

Wonder how much longer we can take
That's silly we can last at least a week
The turning in my stomach has increased
And no one knows like branches how we sleep


Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 About Face
  • 2 Nothing Less Radiant
  • 3 PS
  • 4 Glorious
  • 5 Under the Ground
  • 6 The Crash
  • 7 Something She Said
  • 8 Weigh Me Down
  • 9 Never Run Again
  • 10 The Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything)
  • 11 Blind
  • 12 There Is None
  • 13 Enslaved
  • 14 Turbulence