Who Sang Do You Believe in the Westworld? Theatre of Hate

Release information
Release Date: 1982-2
length: 5:19
producer: Mick Jones
vocal: Kirk Brandon
engineer: Jeremy Green
guitar: Kirk Brandon
clarinet: John Lennard
bass guitar: Stan Stammers
saxophone: John Lennard
drums (drum set): Luke Rendall
composer: Kirk Brandon
lyricist: Kirk Brandon
The yellow sun was setting in tombstone
the citizen ......

By a freak a coin in the piano made it play
But only the wind and the dust heard it say
Do you believe in the Westworld?
From the south on a wind in walked a cowboy
The saloon was dry but his guns were well oiled
Somehow he remembered when he kissed his wife
And when he said goodbye
But that was before the circus with the bear arrived
Oh the bear it roared as the gun was fired
Then the cowboy turned the gun on himself as he sang
"No-ones alive"
Do you believe in the Westworld?

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