Seals (reprise) Lyrics - Theophilus London feat. Lil Yachty & Ian Isiah

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Release Date: 2019-3-8
Eat me alive
I can't say no
Deep through the night
I can't let go
I know inside
You belong with me
I know what's right

Know it in my soul
Eat me alive

No need to cry
I'm here for you
No need to cry (to cry)
I'll be here for you (for you)
Take all of me
No need to cry no more

No need to cry (no need to cry)
I'll be there for you
Deep in the night, deep in the night
(My love it transfers energy insane and tense love)
Wherever you go, wherever you are
(I-i dream of, that you and I exist in)
(Pleasure and pain and passion)

Eat me alive (passion)
I can't say no

(Eat me alive)
I can't say no
(For you to cry)
(For you, don't leave me)

I'll be there for you

(I will be there)
(Let go, let go)
(I will never, never girl)
(Never let go, ohh-ohh, ohh)

Oh no
Eat me alive
I can't say no

(Ten years from now)
(What will life feel like?)
(What can I possibly become?)
(It's a large world)
(It's a short life I'm just living in it)
(I could make millions)
(But that's something I can't promise, a fact)
(Let's be honest)
(The chances is what makes it harder)
(You pull up a chair and take the crown)
(You not staying down)
(Then there's no issue found)
(If you can't show them, run)
(Stay in the darkness of the night)
(Even when you can't breathe to fight, you can fight)
(You punch life then kick it)

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