Therapy? - Deep Sleep Lyrics

release date: 1992-11-2
genres: Rock
styles: Indie Rock/Alternative Rock
length: 5:15
Time-toffee molten on the mantle
Freeze frame sound hangs in the air
My thoughts ebbing in slow motion
In limbo more than anywhere

Just a sleepy head

Breast-fed on the thought of leaving
Dead-head drowning in a dream
Switched off swimming to surrender
I'm home, comatose and lost

Just a sleepy head
Dying in your bed

Time toffee melted on the mantle
Freeze frame sound falls from the air
My thoughts drift in slow motion
In limbo now and I don't care

Just a sleepy head

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Nausea
  • 2 Teethgrinder
  • 3 Disgracelands
  • 4 Accelerator
  • 5 Neck Freak
  • 6 Perversonality
  • 7 Gone
  • 8 Zipless
  • 9 Deep Sleep
  • 10 Hypermania