Who Sang Big Blue? Therefore I Am

Release information
Release Date: 2009-6-23
length: 5:13
The Day We Played I Was A Mess
I Stood Like A Child
Tugging On A Mother's Dress Asking Why
As Your Family And All Of Our Friends
Walked In With Awkward Heavy Heads
All Knowing It Just Hadn't Hit Yet
And Every Time I Saw The Hands
The Burning Candles And The Crosses
Every Time I Glanced Up At The Goodbyes
I Realized I'd Sacrifice The World For It
For One Minute More

So Big Blue Can You Hear Me Sing?
Big Brother Are You Listening To Me
When I Say I Wish I Had One More Day?
Do You Know Each Day I See You On The Avenue Of Arts?
Next To That Single Ribbon In A Tree
Right In Front Of Me

And When I Do
I Know I'd Sacrifice The World For Just One Minute More With You
Even Though I Know
Half Of Knowing What You Want
Is Knowing What You Have To Give To Get It

I'd Sacrifice The World For It.

CD 1
  • 1 Death by Fire
  • 2 Eleven, Seventeen
  • 3 Splinters
  • 4 My Father, the Fatalist
  • 5 For the Sake of Skin
  • 6 It's No Wonder Why
  • 7 The Sound of Human Lives
  • 8 I Am Only an Island
  • 9 Big Blue
  • 10 A Face in the Clouds
  • 11 No Face in the Crowd
  • 12 The Art of Transparency
  • 13 You Leave