Who Sang For the Sake of Skin? Therefore I Am

Release information
Release Date: 2009-6-23
length: 4:20
For The Sake Of Skin


In Many Ways I've Changed
But' I've Mainly Just Stayed The Same
Thanks To The Pictures And s___ That You Scattered
And Left In My Place
You Know I've Always Been Good With Bad Habits
But So Bad With All The Rest
I'm Just A Sharp Tongued Drunk With Books Of Problems
Stacked Up On My Chest
But At Least I'm Not Afraid To Admit To All Of My Games
When You Keep Creeping In
Just To Tell Me I'm The One To Blame
For All The Things That You've Done
And As For Me
I've Given You All That I Have - Everything
All For The Sake Of Skin

So What Do You Want Now?
What Do You Need From Me"
Some Kind Of Selfish Sense Of Security?
You Tell Me That I'm Your Best Friend
Or Am I Just A Better f___?
Either Way
The Roads You Pave Won't Bring Us Back Together

Cause You Have Taught Me -
Love Is: Never Saying That You're Sorry
Love Is: Only Knowing When You're Lonely
Love Is: Never Saying That You're Sorry
Love Is: Leading People On

CD 1
  • 1 Death by Fire
  • 2 Eleven, Seventeen
  • 3 Splinters
  • 4 My Father, the Fatalist
  • 5 For the Sake of Skin
  • 6 It's No Wonder Why
  • 7 The Sound of Human Lives
  • 8 I Am Only an Island
  • 9 Big Blue
  • 10 A Face in the Clouds
  • 11 No Face in the Crowd
  • 12 The Art of Transparency
  • 13 You Leave