Who Sang Below the Avenues? Thieving Irons

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length: 6:07

The lights are busted and so the movie goes silent
One thousand birds, Egyptian and science
It’s this slow descent keeping me quiet
I never thought I’d be here in this silence
On Paris time while London wails
Sun drenched skies give me hail
Staying up seems to make me late
Wake me up from these neutral days
Golden age of time moves on…
Golden age of time moves on…
Below the avenues long live the shadows where we once danced
Gone are the vampires buried by miles in black sand
Then the stars fall like doves
This golden age of time moves on
The stars fall like doves
This golden age of time moves on
Touched with fire
Touched with fire
Below the avenues gone are the sultans from the badlands
Long live the history in the glass grains of these modern sands
This slow moving glacier carves the easy way inland
Time wave zero meets the Golden age as we slow down to move in
Move in
Touched with fire

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