Who Sang Letters to Catherine? Thieving Irons

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length: 5:20

Don’t wait for the summertime
Don’t wait to waste the wine
Heal our troubled minds
Our mother’s crying again
The breaking wheel spins around
Crown falls to her feet
The hailstones ringing loud
This letter to Catherine now sent
Bulldozers shake this ground
Piles of earth, broken, weighs this occupation
This death by politics
Judgement by jury erased
Believe in this call to grace
Where neighbors and martyrs are saved
If we could sing our hearts out
Anytime and any place
But you never listen
Remind me again
If I could, I would
You’d still dismiss it
I see the noise in your eyes
You say “I know this is wrong”
With this we bid you goodnight
For you aren’t the only one
All these engagements we make
The breaking wheel, falling down in twilight
Breaking, still

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