Who Sang So Long? Thieving Irons

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length: 4:37
So long, so long
If we could walk on water,
Or bleed a time
The crush and the sound of the walls coming down
If I lift you up will you still be around?
If we could walk on water
Or bleed a time
Your tongue tied and twisted with birds
But giving up goes away with time
So long, reflections of yesterday
So long, plastic out and get away

So long,

If we could talk to one medusa...
Sisters are brothers are neighbors...
If we could walk on water, or bleed a... time
Wear with time

Trying everywhere to make this all better than before
Promise a new day, these moneyless pockets can't carry weight
No more they can feed on the samples... sunrise before... eclipses all the atmosphere
All the atmosphere.

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