Who Sang Mr. Limpet? Thin White Rope

Release information
Release Date: 1988
length: 3:55
In bed I hear cars and trains and think of swamps and oceans
The diesel sounds of anchor chain and muddy stirrings of a love I could have known
I choose to swim from the submerged car, leave my unconscious friends
Avoid the grip and lazy turn by twisting through the water just like them

Through fiber lips into the waves and through ports of a destroyer
Where weightless men in steel caves dance with Eddy and his red sister Coral
It takes me years to rise again and years to travel home
I wish that you could travel too... tell me the story of a love I could have known

CD 1
  • 1 Mr. Limpet
  • 2 Ring
  • 3 It's OK
  • 4 Ahr-Skidar
  • 5 Red Sun
  • 6 Elsie Crashed the Party
  • 7 Timing
  • 8 Astronomy
  • 9 Wand
  • 10 July
  • 11 Town Without Pity
  • 12 Red Sun (acoustic)
  • 13 The Man With the Golden Gun
  • 14 They're Hanging Me Tonight
  • 15 Some Velvet Morning