Who Sang Up to Midnight? Thin White Rope

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length: 3:46
I leave the lights on all night when you're gone and
I roll up the shades and I see
My old companion who goes when the sun comes and
Takes my reflection from me

Sliding along
The whole world waiting for me
Can't you belong
To any reflection but me

We're playing cards and have just the same hand
I'm not losing and neither is he
Isn't it sad that so thoughtless and flat is
A perfect reflection of me

Are we alone
With kings and jokers and queens
Jacks are alone
With black and red colored dreams

Every day is a long climb up to midnight
And from there a roll and tumble into sleep

Somewhere the sky turns to grey and the world
Turns to paper between night and day
Just like my heart caught between light and dark
Like my friend who is going away

Why don't you see
Reflections mean what they say
Are you complete
Without my face in your way