Who Sang Wand? Thin White Rope

Release information
Release Date: 1988
length: 4:03
The whites of this wand are culled from a visit to the valley of the bones
The black staff's carved from tropic wood cut down in summer storms
As hot and cold air rub together, make lightning in the sky
So do these distillates of two dark lands conjoin to endow...

Look through the air, do you see contrails gone from the sky?
Yeah, and you see lovelight reflected from Ed Gein's eye.
Doctors and orderlies weep as new children are born,
A rash of mistakes sweeps the nations' maternity wards.

Borderguards everywhere turn and suck their guns
Every leader is sterilized along with his firstborn son
We can't find the airwaves, they've disappeared into next week
At last god is silent, he's lost all his power to speak

It might be the last of the changes you'd see, but
I'll make my mother a house on the hill that overlooks the sea
Get off on this wand if you want, but let me tell you girl
It's about as effective as my **** for changing the world

CD 1
  • 1 Mr. Limpet
  • 2 Ring
  • 3 It's OK
  • 4 Ahr-Skidar
  • 5 Red Sun
  • 6 Elsie Crashed the Party
  • 7 Timing
  • 8 Astronomy
  • 9 Wand
  • 10 July
  • 11 Town Without Pity
  • 12 Red Sun (acoustic)
  • 13 The Man With the Golden Gun
  • 14 They're Hanging Me Tonight
  • 15 Some Velvet Morning