Who Sang Once You Understand? Think

Release information
Release Date: 1971
length: 3:57
Think - Once You Understand

(Things get a little easier, once you understand) [repeated in background over and over and over until the end of the song]
[spoken dialog]

[Dad] I'll be expecting you to get a haircut by Friday
[Boy] Forget it dad, that won't change anything
[Dad] Forget, nothing, you'll do as I say as long as you are living in my house.
[Mom] He knows I'm not feeling well, and yet he doesn't take out one second out to help his mother. He's only concern is for himself
[Boy] Come on ma, what do you want from me?
[Dad] Don't argue with your mother, just shut up and listen

[Girl] But mom, all my friends will be there
[Mom]I said no, you can't go
[Girl] But why
[Mom] I don't want you in that neighborhood
[Girl] Why, what's wrong with that neighborhood
[Mom] I don't like the kind of people living there
[Girl] What's wrong with them
[Mom] Never mind, some day you will thank me

[Mom] Are you sure nobody kept you company tonight while you were baby sitting
[Girl] What's that supposed to mean
[Mom] Just curious
[Girl] Admit it mom, you don't trust me
[Mom] Where are you going now
[Son] To my friend's house
[Mom] Don't you have things to do in the house.
Don't you have homework. Why don't you sit down and read a book?
[Son] Oh ma
[Mom] Don't oh ma me!
You're wasting your life away with foolish things
[Son] What are you talking about. How about your bridge club and your ladies groups and your parties and your daytime programs? How about all that?
[Mom] That's different!

[Girl] Ma, I'll be home at 11.
[Mom] You better be home at 10 or don't bother to come home at all
[Dad] When I was your age, I was working 12 hours a day 6 days a week helping to pay for the food and the rent
[Son] I don't understand, what's that got to do with me
[Dad] If you can't figure that out for yourself, you're stupid!

[Boy] Hey dad, did you see my new guitar, I joined a group
[Dad] Son, there's a little more to life than joining a group and playing a guitar
[Boy] Yeah dad, what is there to life ([psychedelic echo effect] life, life)

[Music and background singing stop]

[Police officer] Mr Cook,
[Dad] Yes
[Police officer] Do you have a son named Robin, Robin Cook age 17
[Dad] Yes
[Police officer] I'm sorry Mr Cook, you better come down to the station houseYour son is dead
[Dad] Dead? How
[Police officer] He died of a overdose
[Dad] Oh my god [crying]

[music starts again and the 'things get a little easier singing too] 09:05 PM in Music | Permalink

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