Who Sang Warheads? Thinking Plague

Release information
Release Date: 1987
people killing time, hiding in their minds murder
they're looking for a goat, gonna cut its throat
(it's) sleeping in their brains, trying to restrain
... reason
they need to have a "jew", someone they can screw
god is great, god is good, thank you for our daily food
jesus loves me, this I know, for the bible tells me so

are stirring up the hive
are playing with our lives
the chairman of the board of trustees!
is counting up his funds
are polishing their guns
as I sat in a movie... staring at the wall
I felt the sickening grasp of threads
distorting the medium of aimless growth

the fabric of existence is ripping into shreds
scraping feet on the doorsteps... entering the bisque
of superficial unconsciousness

that encompasses the days of our toil...
to better the self in a sea of others
the seat is hard where I am to eat
it numbs the food I will despise
watching the noiselessly buzzing flies
ticking the time "til the threads release

tension headache with the first sign of night
is erased by a penetrating light
the choking faithful in a nuclear paste
their cadillacs racing & no time to waste
perception battles what insight screams
life is just a dream... within a dream

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