Who Sang A Point Between Extremes? This Beautiful Republic

Release information
Release Date: 2008-8-19
length: 5:13
One of our most ambitious attempts to date, we incorporated a lot of elements that we'd been trying to use for a while. The group vocals are a group of guys from the label who came over and had a blast with us in the studio one day.

My heart is tired
of feeling suffering
My mind keeps wondering
who I should be

Oh, so alone

With no one here for me
I feel so dead
You whispered in the dark, and you said, you said

No, No, never alone

I've been thinking about
The paths that my life
has gone down
I've pushed a crown
of thorns in my brow
To show my salvation
worked out
With all the knowledge
I had learned
Anchored to righteousness
I'd earned
Now I've gone the other way
Depended too heavily on grace
I need a reprieve
A point between extremes

CD 1
  • 1 Pain
  • 2 Surrender Saved My Life
  • 3 Learning to Fall
  • 4 Beautifully Broken
  • 5 No Turning Back
  • 6 My God
  • 7 For the Life of Me
  • 8 Last Second Chance
  • 9 Stay With You Tonight
  • 10 Change the World
  • 11 A Point Between Extremes
  • 12 The Ones
  • 13 Say Goodnight