Who Sang Trains and Cops? This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb

Release information
Release Date: 2002-12-3
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/Country Rock/Indie Rock/Punk/Acoustic/Folk
length: 1:54

i live down by the railroad tracks.
one of these days i wanna hop on board a train rolling down the line.
i won't care where it takes me because as long as i'm moving fast,
call it easy riding, call it hard traveling;
i won't mind. i won't mind at all where i'm going.
it can take me east or west i don't care.
by that time i'll be glad to be most anywhere.
don't that sound quite alright by me.
i won't mind at all where i'm going.
there's a police station just down the street from here.
i imagine one day there's gonna be a good ol' boy
trying to pick me up for something i didn't do.
i won't care where he takes me. as long as i'm still alive,
as long as i'm still breathing and my fingers are picking out songs i won't mind.
i won't mind at all where i'm going. he can haul my ass to jail i don't care.

CD 1
  • 1 This Is What I Want
  • 2 Selma
  • 3 Body Count
  • 4 Trains and Cops
  • 5 Mouseteeth
  • 6 A Hundred Dollars
  • 7 Depression
  • 8 The Argument
  • 9 Drunk Punk
  • 10 Hot Diggety
  • 11 Grampa
  • 12 Board of Tourism
  • 13 We Shall Not Be Moved
  • 14 Forgotten Not Gone