Who Sang Affliction? This Burning Effigy

Release information
Release Date: 1996
length: 4:08
You Feed Upon My Existence
You Tear At My Eyes
For My Mind It Feels Scathed
And People I Curse
Because They In Turn Bleed Me
Resounding Whispers Confounding Doubts
The w****s Face It Leers
My Affliction Writhes, Affliction Writhe
You Can Take This Land
But Leave Me Here Until
And I'll Reach Out For You
Seething Fires Deep Within You
The Healing Fire Within You
(You're So Lost And Lonely)
(You Can Drain What's Mine)
Leave Me Now Unto My Own
For I Don't Need You I Suffer You
You Take The Knife, The Movement Out,
To Push It Back
A Bleeding Wreath For The Suffering
They're Alive In Here
Resounding Whispers Confounding Doubts
The w****s Face Leers At Me
Ice, Stone And Cold Enslaving Me
When I Leave, Here, I'll See
But I Won't Feel
Scented Asphyxiation Turns My Eyes
Binds My Wrist The Carrion Beast
Severing Ragged Limbs
The Concentration Of One
Why "I Am" All
And The Need To Reach Out For...

CD 1
  • 1 Lantern
  • 2 Affliction
  • 3 The Well
  • 4 Thine Adversary
  • 5 Flagellation and Dancing
  • 6 Communion With Sophia
  • 7 Her Own Volition
  • 8 For Within This Journey
  • 9 Amaunet (The Unknown Goddess)
  • 10 Emeritus
  • 11 Drowning the Veil
  • 12 Cypher