Who Sang Communion With Sophia? This Burning Effigy

Release information
Release Date: 1996
length: 5:57
There Was No Temptation, Spread Forth In All d***ation
The Wind Radiated In Casiustry, And With The Tensing
Of Limbs, We Succumbed To The Fall
We Crawled Into The Amber Tears, Embrace The Shaft
A Light To Impale Us Here
Crippled Without Disguise When Walking The Dreams
Of Satyr's Trance
In The Abode Of Death You Lay With The Goat Head
Devour Our Sins And Evoke God
With Blood In Hands, Dream Of The Fall
White Radiant Sleep
We Sleep Within Phyrne, Castrated From God
A Sense So Bright, The Coiled Pleasure, This Union
And Through These Waves
Confineas The Passage Of The Blind, Yet To Feel Safe
In Such A Place To Hide, The Ichor Swells In You
To Wait Until The Blaze, The Ecstatic Dance
And Drawing Back, The Eyes Bleed And Die
(Crawling For Warmth)
For The Cold Broken All Around, Following The Ages Of
Desire, Lying Dead In A Cruciform Prayer
(A Crucified Voyeur)
Come Let Yourself Breath Upon The Open Wings
Sacredly Here You Sleep In Silence
I Consummate The Flames Of A Veiled Disgrace
The Vigil Of This Dance, The Virtue In Your Arms
Wreathed Hands To Satiate, Divulge
Take Me Here From The Gate
Come Take Your Eyes From The Wine For The Shame
Placed On Your Gown, For What Is So Unfound Whispered
In These Verses, Let It Go
Let It Seep Out Of It's Cage Fragmented By A Delusion
Of Your Faith Shaped To Design, A Wailing Wall
She Covets You In Sleep, Promising To Heal
The Relinquishing Parts Of Your Mind
Feel The Blood In Sand, Kneel With b***** Hands
For This Communion I Seek
With Sophia

CD 1
  • 1 Lantern
  • 2 Affliction
  • 3 The Well
  • 4 Thine Adversary
  • 5 Flagellation and Dancing
  • 6 Communion With Sophia
  • 7 Her Own Volition
  • 8 For Within This Journey
  • 9 Amaunet (The Unknown Goddess)
  • 10 Emeritus
  • 11 Drowning the Veil
  • 12 Cypher