Who Sang Drowning the Veil? This Burning Effigy

Release information
Release Date: 1996
length: 5:45
And The Silver Webbed Lines Are Spinning
For Eight Iron Gloves, Holds A Body,
A Stainless Grieving Brow Falls To The Straw
We Held It Like A Doll
To Be Free Forever
We'll Never Be Near To The Core
As We Can't See We're Blind
From All These Treasures All These Minds
Behind A Smile He Comforts You
Whatever You've Left Is Bruised Or Drawn
Beseeched In Maudlin Form
Surrender Him Your Dreams
For A Life Is Only Dreams
Taken In Every Scene, The Pristine
Fires Protrude From Heads
The Vessels Are Unclean
Dressed In Shimmering White
Deranged, Insane
And Faintly Behind These Barren Walls
From All These Pleasures, Sands Of Time
Behind His Smile Lies Comforting
Trapped In Jagged Wings Of This Christ
Surrender Him Your Dreams
For Your Life Is A Wasted Dream
Kissing The Oscene, For Your Revelry
Intently, The Keys Of Sound, Dream...
Take Them Into This Sound, Dream...
Moving In Silence Moving In Sound, Dream
Bodies Coalesce In Screaming Sound, Freeze
And Death Will See Truth And Song, Dream...
Sleepers Of Right,

CD 1
  • 1 Lantern
  • 2 Affliction
  • 3 The Well
  • 4 Thine Adversary
  • 5 Flagellation and Dancing
  • 6 Communion With Sophia
  • 7 Her Own Volition
  • 8 For Within This Journey
  • 9 Amaunet (The Unknown Goddess)
  • 10 Emeritus
  • 11 Drowning the Veil
  • 12 Cypher