Who Sang Emeritus? This Burning Effigy

Release information
Release Date: 1996
length: 4:27
Contained Inside, Preclude The Trial
For All Now Changing
Into This Storm Of Innocence
And Inner Sense That Time Begets
Well A Haze
A Monument Of Man With Head In Hands
I Can't Know This Cage Around Me
I Can't Feel Their Blood Within Me
I Can't Breathe
This Artifice Of Eternity I Know
Is A Torso Strewn Of Flesh
"The Naked" Blest !
The Altars Flame Breathes Idolatry
Diffuse With Sound We Cry "Sage"
Leaving Past Moments To The Child
While Into The Mandrake I Face, Well I Face
While Shadows Sought Of Someone Else
So We Can Rise, To Harness The Force To
Believe It All
From The Cradle We Fall
And From Our Minds We Give, So We Can
See The Sun
That Shines Before Our Eyes
And Through This Pain I Drift In Wind
As The Essence Pours From Heavens
I Don't Know Where I Belong
But My Body Lies Here Waiting, With You,
I Have Been The Air
To Celebrate The Fires Of Life
Of Life's Offerings
Offerings To Satisfy Desire
To Satisfy Desire Is The Crime
The Crime Inurned (In Lewd Deceit)

CD 1
  • 1 Lantern
  • 2 Affliction
  • 3 The Well
  • 4 Thine Adversary
  • 5 Flagellation and Dancing
  • 6 Communion With Sophia
  • 7 Her Own Volition
  • 8 For Within This Journey
  • 9 Amaunet (The Unknown Goddess)
  • 10 Emeritus
  • 11 Drowning the Veil
  • 12 Cypher