Who Sang Paperhats? This Heat

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length: 5:21
Well, what do we expect
Paper hats?
Or maybe even roses?
The sound of explosions?
Oh no, is this any easier?
Comfy? climax? ego?
Decorations up or down?
The sound of explosions
What does this tune signify?
What is its meaning?
Is it really that straight forward?
Or are our ears beyond words?

  • 1 Paperhats
  • 2 The Fall of Saigon
  • 3 Testcard
  • 4 S.P.Q.R.
  • 5 Makeshift Swahili
  • 6 [untitled]
  • 7 Music Like Escaping Gus
  • 8 A New Kind of Water
  • 9 Twilight Furniture
  • 10 Health and Efficiency

  • Release information
    script: Latin