Who Sang Fistful? Thismeansyou

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length: 4:24
He's calling me flying free
Over ice-covered ranges
Hole deep within longing filled
For a fistful of Kroner
One, finally I'm feeling like
I'm a part of a whole
Love laced with s** no regrets
I'd give a fistful of Kroner

Legions of cement-block lairs
Only one distinct among the squares

Heat way down south haunted house
Out of which I am walking

North we will freeze in our sleep
Warmth is a fistful of Kroner
Dreams of the years bringing tears
For the months that grow longer
Castle all our own
Palace owned for a fistful of Kroner

In his heat I'm sheltered from the cold
Mystic love gets so f****** old

It all comes to you

Green in his eyes
Paralyzed by their sensual l***er
Star carved in spine blood like wine
Art for a fistful of Kroner
Lonely in the night, it feels right
I am waiting for someone
Love I can't buy, time to fly
With my fistful of Kroner

Singing while the music wanes
Embracing to the calling of
The Cranes

All comes to you

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    script: Latin