Those Dancing Days - I Know Where You Live, Part 2 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2011-3-7
length: 3:10

Obsession is a curse that
No one runs away from
Even though you know that
You will hate the outcome
Making you believe there is
More to his breathing
And the look he gave while leaving
Your last caress made one big mess
And you have to make it right
Cause that's what it's about

I love everything about your life and
I won't stop until I know that you'll be mine
I will follow you at all time and all around
I have to make you mine to
Get you off my mind

Frustration is a state of mind always on time
Breathing down your neck and
Always at the front line
Brings you to conclusion of
Total mass confusion
When it's clear I want you near me
My dire wish for just one kiss
Will make me go insane
So let's try this once again

I love your life and
I won't stop until
I know that you will be mine
I'll follow you at
All time and around
I won't stop, I'll make you mine

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