Who Sang Studio Time? Three 6 Mafia

Three 6 Mafia Chapter 2: World Domination cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-11-4
length: 0:14
Say hello to Three 6 Mafia
'cause this ***** through the mask we be watchin' ya
Now we biggy, biggy bang a rookie
Chip you like a cookie before you know it you be sayin' [unverified]

You got miss lady gangsta boo
Comin' to you with a whole [unverified] that's gonna
[Unverified] I ran get buck wild in this **********a
Let me see ya mista

Will blast if we mother ****ing have to tie your body up
With the strings from your tennis shoes
Juicy J in tha house puffing on a light cool
Those who wanna step to the tech it's a murda fool

Who I be? Crunchy Black, you know who I am
When I come up from the back kicking doors
Making hoes laying down 'cause I gotta have my
**********in' profit black

The Wicked Lord Infamous the scarecrow demons
Be dancing around my throne but I don't know
Why every time I see your face when I spread light
Y'all bring it on

Who dat be between them trees
Trying to take a peek at me from steps
If you from the other realm
I tell you coop have nothing left

CD 1
  • 1 We Are Waiting
  • 2 Studio Time
  • 3 Will Blast
  • 4 Hit a Muthafucka
  • 5 Are U Ready 4 Us
  • 6 Prophet Posse
  • 7 Motivated
  • 8 I Ain't Cha Friend
  • 9 Watcha Do
  • 10 Spill My Blood
  • 11 Who Got Dem 9's
  • 12 Gunclaps
  • 13 3-6 in the Morning
  • 14 Tear Da Club Up '97
  • 15 Late Nite Tip
  • 16 Bodyparts 2
  • 17 Flashes
  • 18 Neighborhood Hoe
  • 19 N 2 Deep
  • 20 Anyone Out There
  • 21 Land of the Lost
  • 22 Weed Is Got Me High