No More Blood (Live at 'Roskilde Festival '97') Lyrics - Thumb

Release information
Release Date: 1997-11-28
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore/Nu Metal
length: 8:02
I hate saying it, but Im saying it, for so many years Ive been praying it. You hate
hearing it, cause youre fearing it, but wait another minute, this aint nearly it. I
cant believe it , can you believe it, you keep destroying everything there is. I
cant conceive it can you conceive it, if so why dont you tell me what it is?

I hate seeing it, but Im seeing it, too much blood and pain, cant be agreeing it.
I hate feeling it, but im feeling it, so much hate inside, must be releaing it. you
kill my brother and then another, its just a daily routine and you dont bother.
Youre so f___ed, cause you dont even see, if you dont value life, you dont
deserve to be !

Come on ! Wheres your self esteem?
f___ you ! How could you be so mean?
Wise up ! Dont be a part of this sceme?
Come on ! Release just what you feel or dont you feel at all?

You love killing it, but whats the thrill in it, you look away so you dont have to
deal with it. You love eating them, you love beating them, you show no feelings at
all, the way you treating them. I cant believe it, can you believe it? My head is
ready to burst, cant take no more of this. I cant conceive it, can you conceive
it? If so why dont you let me know what it is !

Dont you feel ? Dont you feel at all?

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  • 5 Thank You for Hating Me
  • 6 Remember
  • 7 Dad
  • 8 Reality
  • 9 This Life
  • 10 Exposure
  • 11 Cavemen in Disguise
  • 12 Die Welt Ist Eins
  • 13 Sell Myself (Live at 'Rock Am Ring')
  • 14 Values (Live at 'Rockpalast' (Cologne))
  • 15 Cavemen in Disguise (Live at 'Colosseum' (Munich) Support Rollins Tour '97)
  • 16 Dad (Live at 'Colosseum' (Munich) Support Rollins Tour '97)
  • 17 Red Alert (Live at 'Roskilde Festival '97')
  • 18 Exposure (Live at 'Roskilde Festival '97')
  • 19 Thank You for Hating Me (Live at 'Roskilde Festival '97')
  • 20 No More Blood (Live at 'Roskilde Festival '97')
  • 21 Additional track