No More Blood Lyrics - Thumb

Release information
Release Date: 1995-9-14
Genre: Rock
Style: Stoner Rock/Doom Metal
length: 3:56
I hate saying it, but I´m saying it, for so many years I´ve been praying it. You hate
hearing it, cause you´re fearing it, but wait another minute, this ain´t nearly it. I
can´t believe it , can you believe it, you keep destroying everything there is. I
can´t conceive it can you conceive it, if so why don´t you tell me what it is?

I hate seeing it, but I´m seeing it, too much blood and pain, can´t be agreeing it.
I hate feeling it, but i´m feeling it, so much hate inside, must be releaing it. you
kill my brother and then another, it´s just a daily routine and you don´t bother.
You´re so f___ed, cause you don´t even see, if you don´t value life, you don´t
deserve to be !

Come on ! Where´s your self esteem?
f___ you ! How could you be so mean?
Wise up ! Don´t be a part of this sceme?
Come on ! Release just what you feel or don´t you feel at all?

You love killing it, but what´s the thrill in it, you look away so you don´t have to
deal with it. You love eating them, you love beating them, you show no feelings at
all, the way you treating them. I can´t believe it, can you believe it? My head is
ready to burst, can´t take no more of this. I can´t conceive it, can you conceive
it? If so why don´t you let me know what it is !

Don´t you feel ? Don´t you feel at all?

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