Who Sang Someday? Thundermother

Release information
Release Date: 1971
length: 13:42
n' days of Yesterday
the thoughts your mind portrays
your deepest inmost side
the feelings you can't hide
Today we stand alone
into the night we go
to find your inmost side
the feelings you can't hide
now Yesterday is gone
still the dream drags on
sleeping from day to day

Tomorrow's on the run
there are things that must be done
living from day to day
now we find the Sign
we're searching for
the Sky reveals
what the future tries to hide

  • 1 Someday
  • 2 Country Lines
  • 3 Boogie Music
  • 4 Woman
  • 5 Lady (Lay By Me)
  • 6 The People Show
  • 7 Come On Home
  • 8 Woman In My Life
  • 9 Rock Me Babe
  • 10 Boogie Music (Coke Version)
  • 11 Duce Blues
  • 12 Watch Your Step
  • 13 You Know Me Babe
  • 14 Come On Home (Space Version)